Our Mission

To restore Florida’s fresh water and coastal environments to healthy, sustainable, productive and clean waterways.

Clean Waterways deploys new technology and a scientific approach to restore and protect our greatest resource – the water. Sustainable and efficient, Clean Waterways’ efforts benefit the ecology and our water dependent communities by bringing policy, innovation, and local participation together to solve what Floridians have identified as the greatest threat to our local way of life.

Nature can be fully saved through a commitment from our community

We need a better strategy to restore our waterways – from lakes and rivers, to coastal canals and estuaries.  Despite tough governmental regulations today, increasing population, industry, farmers and failing infrastructure have to led to destructive levels of bacteria, fertilizer and other chemicals in our waterways.  This is causing significant damage to our barrier reef system, and destroying sea grasses vital to manatees and aquatic life. Relying on tides to clean and transport pollutants from our waterways can not be a strategy anymore.  Perennial algae blooms and the hastening destruction of our aquatic ecosystems have shown this policy to be a failure.

Clean Waterways’ systems and technology incorporate proprietary, patent-pending components that allow each installation to be adapted for the task at hand – to get bacteria and pollutants out of the water, improve the quality of our waterways, and restore the grasses, oysters and other aquatic life.

This is huge challenge.  We must start now.

Measurable results are the name of the game

It's my goal to clean the waterways and help prevent further pollution so that my children can enjoy them in the same way I did - fishing, swimming, boating and diving.

John LoosVice President

Our inland waterways and aquatic resources are at a tipping point. We have built something that helps our communities to protect what makes Florida special.

Dr. Charles GregoryChief Science Officer
Clean Waterways. It's What We Do!
Whether you’re a governmental entity that wants to clean your canals, lakes, and inland waterways, or a private business that wants to manage the environmental impacts of their work, the Clean Waterways systems incorporate patent-pending technology that will allow each installation to be uniquely adapted for the task at hand. Contact us today so that our scientists can put together a customized impact analysis for you.